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Who we are

We at HTS provide the modern day IT and network solutions to the enterprise markets through an extensive range of managed IT support services to its worldwide clientele. We take pride in our distinction for being the single source provider of end to end IT solutions to cater for the business and technology needs of our clients.

Practiced, Responsive, and Result-oriented

We deliver results from the combined expertise, knowledge and skills of our experience and dynamic consultants. We offer outsider thinking attached with deep industry knowledge, working across all levels of the client organization as valued business implementers.

Customer-centric, Cooperative, and Innovative
We collaborate with our clients, our partners, and our colleagues to build innovative solutions based on proven methodologies. Our customer centric and responsive approach drives us to endlessly innovate better ways of address clients’ needs.

Practical, Measurable, and Sustainable
While managing risks, we bring practical, measurable, and sustainable results to our clients. We ensure that our clients achieve their desired results by approaching each challenge uniquely and putting our focus on understanding their specific needs.

Quality, Exclusive, and Long-lasting
We deliver premium value at competitive prices. Our all services are matchless and they provide long term benefits to our clients. We satisfy our clients by exceeding their expectations and strengthening long term relations.

Clients are directly related to employees when we talk about client satisfaction we more on focus towards employee satisfaction. In HTS we have diverse culture employees working in HTS, the whole team mutually contributes towards building employees through different programs.

Our Client Satisfaction Program was enthusiastically developed to ensure the maximum level of service to our clients and to each other through this program. This program nurtures open communication from clients and associates, emboldens feedback, and rewards individual effort.

HTS dedicated associates work really hard each single day in order to build bonds of trust and loyalty with clients and fellow associates. These “BRIDGES” help us to preserve the brightest associates, to progress contentment of our clients, to earn repeat business, to sustain profit, and to always give back to our community.

All members of HTS have a hand in constructing these core bridges by leveraging these ideologies:

  • Be positive and pleasant.
  • Be Honest in all your matters.
  • Be present by being accessible and accountable. This forms trust and long-standing relationships.
  • Be compassionate and always keep your clients’ best-interests in mind.
  • Be planned. Help identify challenges, solve them quickly and tell the client what you did to overcome them.
  • Be your best in every interaction.
  • Be prepared. Surprises are unacceptable.

Client Satisfaction is the keystone that outlines our culture and success. HTS preserves and grows this culture by hiring and training the right people so that they deliver great experiences, and by identifying their daily bridge-building efforts.

HTS has a vast global coverage, providing engineers in the shortest possible time has been made possible through HTS by its worldwide coverage. The quick and efficient methods and the state of art solutions links our huge network of engineers to us. Globally we have recruiters available who can provide us resources in an hour. We cover major business hubs in many countries worldwide. It is because of our network that makes it posibble to cater each and every compex request in multiple locations providing multiple resources. Our 24/4 staff presence ensures least possible downtime for our customers by providing them real-time updates about the arrangement, implementation and status of the tasks.

At HTS we believe in providing speedy services because we know how important our customer’s time is. The world is moving fast and it is essential that we should be running onto the least possible time to minimize the down time. Just in order to achieve the speed and the agility in the service delivery we are offering we have evolved our structure which supports fast and efficient processes on this fast pace which simply implies that we will get everything done in the minimum time possible after making optimized internal workflow. Optimization will make our customers to expect real time communication and shortest possible delivery time.

HTS with a dedicated team acknowledges the email within 5 minutes and makes sure that necessary steps are taken to ensure fastest communication with a positive response. We are 24/7 that simply implies that our team is always handling requests with the highest level of efficiency. HTS has developed state-of-the art management solutions that not only make our operations highly efficient but makes them transparent too.

HTS offers a great advantage for all its clients to store its IT STOCK globally. You can ship the stock and store it for future use, your stock will be kept safe under all the legal obligations. Client can use the stock for future breakfix tasks. The stock can be utilized for 4hour SLA and other tasks without any delay.

The stock storage creates efficiency in the business operations, facilitates client by giving them an  ease to access the stock anytime they need and also for the safety and security along with the timely audits.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Secure and safe stock
  • Timely stock audits
  • Monthly Monitoring and evaluation reports

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    Why HTS

    H-Tech is one of the fastest growing companies that deals in all situations that may occur related to
    Information technology. We help you in Large scale rollout, providing the best and latest Updated
    versions of Information Technology Equipment, not to mention we help your workers and data services.

    Meet Us

    UK Office: 22 Maple Avenue, White Field Manchester, M45 7EP,       Phon +44 20 3900 0843
    France Office : Unit 8- 189 Boulevard André Brémont 95320 Saint-Leu-la-Forêt, France
      Phone: +33 (6) 50 30 67 19
      Email: [email protected]